The Knightmare
The Knightmare

Taking the A.I generated art via Midjourney 1 more step further by translating it into a 3d model.
In my previous post regarding how I did a lot of paintovers on top of my base image which I generated via Mid journey. I thought of taking it even further by making a 3d model out of the design I painted over.

The whole idea was to showcase one of the many ways you can utilize A.I. generated artworks and create something more concrete out of it. Be it 2D or 3D.

I also shared a small PSD along with it. Just a quick breakdown of the 3d image itself of how much I painted over and did some post work.

Working with A.I art could possibly be a next step for the creatives . How one uses it is totally upto the person :)

Cheers !


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